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Studio 2.0 Interior Design Consultants is not only a Professional Interior Design firm we are also an educational resource. Feel free to browse our vast collection of design and construction related articles that were written in house.  We love being able to share our articles with you as well we look forward to receiving your feedback.  

24 Uncovering the Mysteries of a Bathroom Renovationby Studio 2.0 Interior Design Consultants

Have you been procrastinating over the decision to renovate your tired and outdated bathroom? Don’t know where to start? Rest assured, if you do decide to take the leap into the renovation world, you will not be sorry as a bathroom renovation will increase the value of your home if done correctly.

As a professional Interior Designer, I have seen and worked on many bathrooms. I’ve seen bathrooms done right and those that were done wrong. The ones that were wrong still cost a lot of money and now need to be renovated again. So let’s ensure that your bathroom renovation is successful and that in the end you can sit back and enjoy the little piece of heaven you have created.

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23 Making the Right Callby Studio 2.0 Interior Design Consultants

Last year at one of the Saskatoon’s home shows I decided to take in one of the speakers who was going to be talking about kitchen renovations.  I thought to myself “This might be interesting to hear someone else’s perspective, not from Saskatoon, about renovations.”  One of the first questions the speaker asked the audience was “Who here is doing or wanting to do a kitchen renovation?”  Most people raised their hands including the lady sitting beside me.  The speaker carried on with his presentation and talked about his experience contracting projects, working with Interior Designers and managing trades.  He mentioned that most projects that had an Interior Designer involved seemed to run smoother since a ‘plan’ was in place before the work started.  I was trying not to jump out of my chair with excitement since someone was saying the right things and encouraging the audience to hire the right professionals. 

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22 Top 5 Practical Tips fo copyby Studio 2.0 Interior Design Consultants

So it is time to tackle the kitchen, no not the dishes that have been piling up, but the kitchen design of your dreams.  One of the largest considerations when it comes to any type of design project is making sure everyone’s ideas are heard.  The definition of everyone is different with each family it could be you and your spouse or it may include the kids.  How you and your family use your kitchen will need to be determined to ensure all considerations have been made. 

A kitchen can be beautiful, eye catching and magazine worthy, but without true function and a practical approach, the kitchen’s design falls flat quickly.  Instead design a kitchen with its primary focus on functionality that meshes with your lifestyle, and then play up the kitchen’s aesthetics.

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21 You Have a Design Plan copyby Studio 2.0 Interior Design Consultants

Once you have made the decision to either renovate or build new, the excitement begins. In order for your project to be successful you need a solid understanding of your goals. 


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